I say it all the time, because it's so true: our favorite thing about our job is that we have new friends when the wedding is over. But with Kristi and Matt, we ended up with new friends before the wedding! We got along so well with them right away. And when they pulled out three bottles of flavored tequila after their engagement session and invited us to stay for cocktails, we sealed our friendship right then and there! Since that day, we have shared more cocktails, and even more laughs. We looked forward to their wedding not only as photographers, but as friends! We're so thrilled to be sharing this one today!

We've known Caitlin for years. When our girls were small children, Caitlin and her family lived down the street from us, and she spent a lot of time at our house. Now she's all grown up and getting married (that makes me feel so old)! We were absolutely thrilled that she called us after she was engaged, although we wouldn't have given her much of a choice, haha! We had to reschedule this engagement session due to a typical Memphis popup storm, but I'm so glad we did! The weather this day was bright and sunny, just like Caitlin's smile!

These two are so stylish! Morgan told us that Jeremy was the more fashion-forward of the pair. After meeting them and spending an evening with them, we think that they are both equally fashionable! We lovelovelove a groom that dresses up for the engagement session! When Jeremy showed up in a tie, vest, and jacket, we knew we struck gold, but he went above and beyond with a pocket square and fancy socks! Morgan made his right arm look so good with her classic, dressy style. We always recommend dresses for our ladies, but she one-upped us when she pulled out the red-bottomed shoes to match! If you're looking for fashion inspiration today, you've come to the right place!

We made an instant bond with Erica and Travis. We felt attracted to their genuine and sweet hearts, but when we learned that they met and fell in love not far from the place that Ed and I did, we loved them even more! I have always wanted to photograph a couple in the Mississippi Delta. Ed and I began our lives together in the Delta, so when Erica and Travis told us that they wanted their engagement session there, we were totally on board! It felt so good to get back to our roots!

These two are getting married on Saturday. Like, in two days. Like, in "get your act together and do the blog post already, Amy!" We are SO excited to witness the beginning of their new journey, and if it's anything like their Memphis engagement session, we know the wedding is going to be fabulous!! In the meantime, we are so excited to share their engagement session!

When a bride and groom choose to take us out of the state with them for their wedding, that means a lot to us. When they choose to treat us like family, include us in pre-wedding festivities, and text us sweet messages when we arrive, that means even more! Laura and Joseph were the couple of honor for their Santa Rosa Beach wedding weekend, and yet, they made sure to be a host to everyone, even us. There's no one else we would have rather spent a weekend at the beach with!

Oh friends, we have such a treat for you today! I'll go ahead and warn you ahead of time... this is a very lengthy post! I had so much trouble narrowing down my favorite photos. I love them all, and they all tell a part of the story of this incredible day. Now comes the hard part - trying to figure out what to say about this amazing, classic Memphis Hunt and Polo Club wedding. While I love words, and I love to talk, trying to find the right words for all the awesomeness that happened on this day is going to be a challenge. But I'll give it my best shot...

We first met Halie and Tyler over a late-night Skype meeting. Even over long distance, we connected immediately, and we knew they were our perfect couple. They are fun, love to laugh, and they are not afraid to be corny! Like, Dirty Dancing corny. They even reenacted the famous lift scene from my favorite movie during their downtown Memphis engagement session - wait until you see the photos!

Oh, you guys! The blog looks SO pretty today! We are so excited to share this past weekend's Davies Plantation Spring outdoor wedding with you. We learned three important things at this one:

  • Friday weddings are awesome (we may be biased since we got married on a Friday ourselves!).
  • EVERY wedding reception should have an Hora Loca!
  • Weddings are twice as fun when they're in English AND Spanish.

It is officially Spring here in the South! The weather went from freezing to hot (we only seem to get two temperature settings around here!), and the flowers are in full bloom! We’re about a month away from high school graduation, but our Senior sessions are still going strong. We’re so excited to share this one with you today!