Keith + Joe | an Athens UGA Engagement

Keith and Joe met at the UGA Law School. While they both attended different schools previously, they each wound up at UGA at the same time. Over the course of their three years there so far, they fell in love, and they will be getting married in Memphis in two weeks! Since Athens is such a big part of their lives now, we all really wanted to do their engagement session there. So Ed and I traveled to Athens (just a few days after spending a week in Georgia ourselves!) to document this special times in their lives. I’m so glad we did! Not only did we get tons of amazing photos, but we got to spend a weekend in a lovely Georgian town, and soak up the college culture!

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Brittany + Walker | a Memphis Backyard Engagement

Brittany and Walker are so easy-going! We knew right away that they were the perfect clients for us. We all got along from the moment we met, so we knew their engagement session would be a breeze. They love anything from taking their dogs for a walk along the gravel paths of Shelby Farms, to a simple barbecue at home, to dancing in the rain (as you will soon see). We wanted to make sure to capture the essence of who they are.

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Happy Birthday Morgan | 22 Years

Today, you are 22 years young. Every year, your ball of talent, energy, and heart grows into something even more beautiful than the year before. I love your mix of maturity and girlish giggles. You are vintage and alternative at the same time, and only you could pull that off. You have real fears of the grown-up world, but at the same time are completely unafraid to jump headfirst into it.

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Katy + Eric | a Downtown Memphis Rooftop Engagement

Katy and Eric like to tell people with a smile, “a tornado brought us together.” While perhaps a bit morbid, it’s actually almost quite true! Although they didn’t realize it until later, Katy and Eric were in the same 5th grade class together. But it was their sophomore year in college that would bring them back together.

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Nashville Vacation Photo Recap

Summer Travels | Nashville Dance Finals

The first week of our vacation is a bit of a blur! We spent 6 full days in Nashville for our kids’ national dance finals competition. Our time there flew by, and yet, at the same time, it seems as though it was a full month ago. That “time flies when you’re having fun” thing? It’s totally true.

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Summer Vacation | Savannah

Right now, I’m sitting at a table on a deck underneath a canopy of trees dripping with Spanish Moss. I’m sipping on a morning mimosa, and the coastal breeze is blowing in my hair. Savannah is my favorite city on the planet, and I am in heaven at this very moment!

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Goodbye, Kipper

It’s been a sad, emotional day. We had to say goodbye to our puppy of 15 years this morning. Kipper has been with us almost as long as Ed and I have been married. He was older than two of our children, and has been around for almost the whole lives of the other two.

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How to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer | 10 Tips

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make while planning your wedding. Other than your new husband and the ring, your photos are the only thing you have left when all the events of the day are over! Keep these tips in mind to help you choose the best wedding photographer for you (even if it’s not us)!

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