Courthouse Wedding

melissa + josh: a memphis courthouse wedding

We recently got the chance to photograph our first courthouse wedding, and we can’t wait to do it again! I’ve always thought that civil ceremonies are so intimate and sweet! It’s a private affair, with only a few family members and friends. It completely removes all the stress and (most of) the planning that a formal wedding involves, and makes it all about the couple. It really concentrates on the most important part of wedding… getting married!

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Downtown Memphis Engagement

anne + alex: a downtown memphis engagement.

Anne met Alex at the school where she is a counselor. He was in the Teach for America program and moved to Memphis from New York to teach. They would both hang out often with coworkers, and would find themselves lingering at the end of these get togethers. Often, they would be the last to leave. It didn’t take long for them to realize that they wanted to see each other outside of the classroom!

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Benefits of an Unplugged Wedding

why you should ask wedding guests to turn off their phones

I recently saw this post on Facebook and realized how true it is, especially in such a rapidly growing technological age. Photographers used to be concerned with family members who had digital cameras just as good as our own, but got better seats than we did. Now, with the prevalence of camera phones and iPads, the problem has grown. There are now hundreds of guests who want to take their own photos during the ceremony, often impeding the work of the professionals who have been hired for the job. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: have an unplugged wedding.

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Midtown Memphis Engagement

kelli + josh: a midtown memphis engagement

Kelli and Josh met at work. He’s a pilot, and she worked at the same airline, so they would ocassionally bump into each other. Sometimes working in the same place puts a strain on a relationship, but that was never a problem for Kelli and Josh! They knew early on that if they could work together day in and day out, their relationship had promise!

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Morgan Turns 21

It’s a Big Milestone! Morgan Turns 21.

Today is a big deal. A big big deal. Today, Morgan turns 21 and becomes a legal adult! I can’t believe I have a 21-year old. I can’t believe I’m old enough to have a 21-year old! It feels like only yesterday when I was 21 myself. Actually, I think that was yesterday. We’ll go with that.

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Mexico Beach Family Portrait

Our Mexico Beach Family Portrait

It’s always a challenge to get all my kids together for a photo. They’re almost never all home at the same time, and if they are, there’s always so much going on that taking a group photo is just not on the todo list. So you’d think with us all being on vacation, getting a family portrait would be a little easier. Well, it is… but only a little.

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Mexico Beach Portraits

Magic Hour at Sunset: Mexico Beach Portraits

I don’t know what it is about sunset, but I think most of us agree that it’s by far the most magical time of the day. I’m pretty sure Instagram is 80% sunset photos. Ed and I are probably guilty for half of that. But I don’t even care. Sunset is gorgeous, especially here in Mexico Beach! Add in a beautiful girl, and you have the makings of some perfect Mexico Beach portraits.

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Mexico Beach by iPhone

On to Mexico Beach for a Real Vacation

It’s been a long time since we had a real family vacation. Ed and I travel a lot, and I am grateful for that, but most of that traveling is work-related and without our kids. We were a bit naive last year and thought our trip to Ft. Walton for dance nationals would count as our family vacation. We ended up spending so much time at the Convention Center for competition (plus it rained the whole week), that we didn’t get much time for relaxation. So this year, we decided to do things differently.

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