Stylish Nashville Engagement

We want every engagement session (and wedding!) we do to be as unique as possible. To do that, we always tailor our sessions around our couples, including things like their favorite colors, their favorite places to go, and their favorite activities to do together. Basically, the things that make up their LIFE together. In this case, Robyn and Nick currently live in Nashville, so their life is there. Nashville is an easy drive for us, so it was a no-brainer that we would go to them for this session. We have been looking forward to this engagement session ever since we first met with Robyn and Nick, and it was everything we dreamed, and more!

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Prom Photos!

Things in our lives are never spaced out. They happen all at once, all the time. I’ve grown used to it, and I’m completely okay with the patterns of our busy family. So it came as no surprise that our biggest dance competition of the year also fell on PROM weekend!

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Blush Wedding Inspiration with Lots of Color and Pattern on Ruffled

Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to be invited to take part in Memphis’ first Big Fake Wedding event. If you’re unfamiliar with this event, the Big Fake Wedding is a collaboration of so many talented wedding industry vendors who come together to create an unforgettable real vow renewal for one lucky couple. There was so much pretty I didn’t know where to start! And the topper on the not-so-proverbial wedding cake? Holly and Richard, our real couple for the day, are the sweetest people ever! We could not have asked for more. They are both stunning, but more than that, they truly have serving hearts, and their love for each other and everyone else just radiates from them! It may be called the Big Fake Wedding, but it certainly was a Real one to us!

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Navy + Gold Midtown Memphis Atrium Wedding

One of the first things I tell couples when we meet with them is that Ed and I are a goofy couple, and we love to laugh. So, chances are, if you are the kind of couple that would rather watch a comedy over a drama, have no problem acting silly in public, and/or are not embarrassed by big belly laughs, then we would get along great! Mary and Stuart are exactly our kind of people! We spent all day with huge, dopey grins on our faces and the laughter came so easily and never stopped. Their wedding day was a giant reflection of the kind of people they are – bright, loving, and full of joy!

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Yellow + Grey Memphis Courthouse Elopement

It’s no secret that we love elopements! They’re short, sweet, and all about the marriage. It might be your first inclination to think that going through security, then waiting in line, only to sit in a quiet courtroom, might detract from the romance of a wedding day, but you’d be mistaken! All those things only add to the excitement and anticipation. A wedding at the courthouse is just like a wedding anywhere else. There’s a real bride, a real groom, a real (and ultra legal!) officiant, and after the real vows, there’s a real marriage. Michelle and Terrence decided to simplify their day and focus on their marriage. They had a beautiful wedding day, with all the things that they wanted, but without the things they didn’t.

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Weekend Fun | Dance Competition

It’s officially dance competition season! If you don’t know, we have TWO professional dancers in our house. Our youngest daughter, Jessie, has been dancing for almost 10 years, and our son, Alex, is following closely in his sister’s footsteps! Dance competitions are a big part of our lives. We even schedule weddings around them. This past weekend was one of our first ones, and we got lucky enough to be able to take photos!

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Colorful Arkansas Plantation Wedding

I think it’s safe to say that until this day, we had never met a groom that was this excited to marry his bride! He beamed. He laughed. And yes, he cried. He cried big, unabashed, joyful tears that he was not ashamed to have streaming down his face. When he first turned around and got his first glimpse of her, he broke down, sobbed into her shoulder, and then looked at her and said, “you are just as beautiful as I knew you would be.” She stroked his face and hugged him hard. Together, they held each other and promised to love each other forever, before the vows were even said. They set the tone for their colorful day – a day full of love, promises, faith, and beauty. Insane beauty! Wendy made the loveliest bride, and David’s devotion to her was just as delightful to witness. What a way to start our 2016 wedding season!

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Our New Orleans Adventure

One of the best things I ever learned while becoming a photographer, and to this day, one of my favorite lines to recite, is that the best camera you could ever have is the one you have with you. Such great advice for any photographer! Hell, great advice for anyone. Also, it could not have been more true for our latest trip to New Orleans, especially since we forgot to pack our cameras.

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Winter French Quarter Engagement

We started a new tradition last year. Every February, Ed and I take an annual trip with our best friends. To get away and focus on friendship before things really start to get busy. Just a few days. Enough time to add another checkbox to our travel journals, to shirk responsibility in order to stay young, and to go and see and do. Last year, we toured the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg and hit the Nashville nightlife. But last year, it was a cold trip, staying true to February. And last year, our best friends weren’t engaged. We decided to change things up this year!

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