Memphis Spring Creek Ranch Wedding

Ellen + Bobby: a Memphis Spring Creek Ranch Wedding

Weddings are awesome. Seriously. Who doesn’t love a day filled with beautiful flowers, a gorgeous dress, meaningful ceremonies, and a big party? But I love it even more when we get a couple who remembers what a wedding is truly all about. A celebration of Love. With a capital L. Emotion. A new life together. Ellen and Bobby kept their day about all the important things and never forgot why they were celebrating. It was a day filled with lots of happy tears, tender snuggles, and lots and lots of love! It was awesome.

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Downtown Memphis Engagement

Anne + Alex’s Downtown Memphis Engagement Fusion Video

Ed and I love downtown Memphis. It has a little bit of everything… great restaurants (I’m always thinking about food!), fabulous city and river views, fun nightlife, and everything from gardens and fountains to grungy alleys and abandoned warehouses. There’s always something interesting downtown, especially for a photographer who never goes anywhere without her camera!
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Coptic Orthodox Wedding

Atina + Drew: a Memphis Coptic Orthodox Wedding

Because Atina and Drew live out of town, but were planning a Memphis wedding, I talked with her over the phone a few times before the big day. She explained that they were having an Egyptian Coptic Orthodox wedding and asked if I was familiar with the ceremony. I wasn’t, so she explained it perfectly… “Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Well, it’s like that, but Egyptian instead of Greek.”

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Downtown Memphis Bluffs Engagement

Erica + Danny | a Downtown Memphis Bluffs Engagement

When talking about their relationship, Danny often says of Erica, “It’s easy to find someone who likes the same things you do, but it’s hard to find someone who hates the same things!” Like most couples, Erica and Danny have a lot in common, but it’s their thinking outside of the box that really drew them together. We met Erica and Danny downtown on the Memphis bluffs for their engagement session because that’s where their story starts.

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Memphis Law Engagement

Atina + Drew: a Memphis Law Engagement

We have quite a few clients who are not from Memphis, or not currently living in Memphis. Usually, these clients still have family and friends here, so it just makes sense to wed in Memphis. Occasionally, a couple will choose to have a destination wedding in Memphis. But either way, if the couple doesn’t live in the area, it can be difficult to arrange an engagement session. If possible, we try to take the engagement session to them, but travel is not always an option. We always, always suggest that our clients have an engagement session, even if it’s just a few days before the wedding. Such was the case with Atina and Drew!

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jessie's 15th birthday

A Recap of Jessie’s 15th Birthday!

We have a large family. And I don’t just mean us. Yes, two parents and four children is not exactly small, but when you count in grandparents, aunts, uncles, and nephews, it gets even bigger. The best bonus of a big family? Instant party! Jessie’s 15th birthday snuck up on us over the weekend, so we were especially thankful to all our family who came and made it so special for her!

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Engagement Albums

engagement albums + guest sign-in books

I love albums! I know I’ve mentioned the importance of printing your photos, and I think albums follow right along with that. I will usually make a photo album before I will order a canvas for the wall. In fact, I made an album of our Spring Break Mountain trip as soon as we got home, and I’m in the process of making one for our Summer Beach Trip. An album is the perfect way to collect and display several photos at once.

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Clients for Life: Zooey Turns One

clients for life: zooey turns one

One thing we always tell our clients is that they are clients for life! That means that we want to be there for all the important moments in their lives. Babies. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Whatevers. We don’t want our connection and friendship with them to stop once they’re married. So while we don’t usually do family, maternity, or baby shoots, we will make an exception for our wedding clients!

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First Day of School 2014

The Kids’ First Day of School 2014

Today is the end of our first week back to school for the new year. I ain’t gonna lie… I’m always ready for school to start by the end of summer! I love having my kids at home, I do. But I get absolutely nothing done! The kids’ schedules get totally messed up. They all stay up until midnight or later. It’s a mad house! I am no stickler for the rules, but I do appreciate a little order now and then. Continue Reading…