cara + daniel: joined. an opera memphis wedding.

It was the day before Easter. She had been calm all day. Taking care of last minute details, tending to family, making sure everything was perfect. She simply glowed, and she was enjoying every minute. She got into her dress, put on her shoes and jewelry, and applied that last minute dab of makeup. She stood in front of the mirror, seeing herself as a bride for the first time. The smile widened. Her thoughts turned to Daniel, just on the other side of the wall, waiting to see her for the first time. Then the tears started to come. She tried to hold them back with a tissue, but the emotion broke free. She was going to be married, and she would soon lay eyes on the love of her life. Her heart simply could not hold it in.

Outside, Daniel stood with his hands eagerly clasped and his back to the door. He could not stop smiling as he bounced from foot to foot impatiently. He turned to me and asked, “Can I kiss her?” I assured him that this moment was just for him and Cara, and he could do and say whatever came to his heart and felt natural. Ignore everything else. I stood back as Cara approached. She took a deep breath and walked up behind him. When he turned, ┬átheir eyes met, and they melted. They smiled, they whispered, they laughed. Cara held back her tears. Daniel could not stop kissing her. They were ready. They were ready to begin their life together.

Cara and Daniel both began the day getting ready at the church. As the setup was being completed, they were surrounded by family and friends as they prepared themselves for the most important day of their lives.

Cara and Daniel chose to see each other before the ceremony. They both knew they would be emotional, and they wanted to share this moment privately. I love it when a couple chooses a First Look!

Daniel beamed when he saw Cara, and he could not stop kissing her. It was such a beautiful, heartfelt moment!

Cara and Daniel rented a limo to carry them and their wedding party around for three hours, taking photos. I was overjoyed when I heard the plan! I love it when a couple takes the time to plan out their photos for the day, and we had plenty of time to get the photos they wanted. Because their wedding party was such a big part of their day, I’m posting more photos than I usually do!

We started at Shelby Farms, and had fun roaming the park.

We made sure to make time to get portraits of Cara and Daniel as well. Cara, you are absolutely, positively STUNNING!

Daniel, you’re not half bad either. He was so happy all day, that it was so easy to get some relaxed portraits!

We ended the ride at Opera Memphis so that we could get a couple shots at the reception site before guests arrived. Cara used the extra time for a hair transformation before the ceremony, then it was back to the church for showtime!

I just loved how the church windows echoed Cara and Daniel’s wedding colors perfectly.

Cara’s sister did a pretty good job of holding in her tears during the ceremony, but she had to let go afterwards. Ed captured this shot, and it’s my favorite of his from the entire day!

Opera Memphis is an awesome venue for a reception, and it had that perfect contemporary vibe that Cara and Daniel were going for. Club Windward did an amazing job with the decor.

Cara and Daniel danced the night away, surrounded by those closest to them.

Cara and Daniel, thank you so much for the honor of capturing your emotion-filled day. You are perfect for each other, and I know you have many years of happiness ahead of you! Enjoy Mexico!

To see more images from Cara and Daniel’s wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow. Here’s to letting the tears flow. And lots of kisses. And a lifetime of both to come. Cheers!



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