rachel + jay: joined. a collierville wedding.

Rachel sat impatiently in the bridal suite while her bridesmaids teased her. When reminded that she would soon be spending that evening in a hotel room with her brand new husband, Rachel exclaimed how surreal it all seemed. I feel like I’m going to get in trouble for being in a hotel with a BOY! she joked. The jokes were a distraction, because the emotional, happy tears had been escaping all day. When reading the card that Jay sent to her room. When her heart skipped a beat moments before seeing him for the first time. When a family member reminded her that she would soon be giving up her last name. Rachel knew the tears weren’t done yet. She was saving the rest for the instant she recited her vows and became a wife. And she was ready and impatient for that moment.

In his own room, Jay was enduring similar taunts from his groomsmen. It was all in fun, and he endured it good-naturedly. Laughing and joking now with his closest friends and family, he was getting ready for the more serious business at hand. His spirits were high, because he was filled to the brim with joy and happiness that he would soon be a husband. He had gone all his life being a Mr., and he was ready for his life as a Mr. and Mrs.

Rachel and Jay walked down the isle separately, as individuals. They left together, as one. Both overjoyed that they had finally begun their life together. Although the day started with bright sun, it ended in a short but fierce storm as Rachel and Jay left on their honeymoon. A wet knot is harder to untie, and the rain knew that this knot was sealed forever.

Rachel began her day at the Empire Salon. She had monogrammed robes for each of her bridesmaids, and they enjoyed their pampering. From food to mimosas, the girls were taken care of well!

Rachel is a kindred spirit. She is a shoe girl, and she knew I would squeal in delight when I saw her hot pink heels. She was right.

Rachel’s garter was hand made for her and had two charms representing her and Jay’s alma maters… and rivals.

Ed caught this shot of Jay silently reading his note from Rachel.

Rachel and Jay chose to see each other before the ceremony. Rachel later said that she was so glad that she did, because she would have been an emotional wreck otherwise! I love when couples choose a First Look, and the look on Jay’s face is priceless!

Because of the hot sun and limited grounds, we didn’t have many options for portraits. But Rachel and Jay rocked it out!

Ed captured these, and I admit it. I’m officially jealous.

Then inside to cool off.

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel! You are so gorgeous, and SUCH a natural in front of the camera!

Jay, you get props too. You are one handsome groom!

Rachel had the best bridesmaids, and they really took care of her every need. A special shout-out to Allonda, who has been one of my best cheerleaders. I don’t know how I won her affections, but I’m so very glad I did!

The guys were all pretty awesome themselves – and funny!

Special thanks to Randall with Turnage Flowers. His florals, especially in the sanctuary, were amazing! The isle was decorated to the nines!

Sigh. Look at Jay gaze at his soon-to-be wife.

Ed was able to get this photo from his hidden position at the front of the church.

I love beautiful reception centerpieces!

The lace on the cake table (and Rachel’s bouquet) was from her mom’s own wedding dress.

Jay’s groom cake was a tribute to his college and favorite sports team, and the Reese’s cups were a play on his last name. This was one elaborate cake!

Rachel and Jay left under a cloud of bubbles, and an approaching storm.

Rachel and Jay, thank you so much for allowing us to capture your oh-so-special day. You have such a pure love that is hard to come by. Enjoy your honeymoon in paradise, and enjoy each other!

To see more images from Rachel and Jay’s wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow. Here’s to leaky tears. And not hiding real emotion. And wet knots. Cheers!


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