There are so many things to love about an engagement session! But one of our very favorite things about them is that we get some one on one time with our couples, and really get to know them better on a personal level. Not only does this make us better equipped to photograph them on their wedding day, but it starts building a relationship so that we can truly call them friends later! It had been awhile since we first met with Taylor and George, so we were eager to hang out with them and learn more about how they love. We were in for such a treat!

We want every engagement session (and wedding!) we do to be as unique as possible. To do that, we always tailor our sessions around our couples, including things like their favorite colors, their favorite places to go, and their favorite activities to do together. Basically, the things that make up their LIFE together. In this case, Robyn and Nick currently live in Nashville, so their life is there. Nashville is an easy drive for us, so it was a no-brainer that we would go to them for this session. We have been looking forward to this engagement session ever since we first met with Robyn and Nick, and it was everything we dreamed, and more!

We started a new tradition last year. Every February, Ed and I take an annual trip with our best friends. To get away and focus on friendship before things really start to get busy. Just a few days. Enough time to add another checkbox to our travel journals, to shirk responsibility in order to stay young, and to go and see and do. Last year, we toured the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg and hit the Nashville nightlife. But last year, it was a cold trip, staying true to February. And last year, our best friends weren't engaged. We decided to change things up this year!

Ebony and Brandon are our kind of people, and we knew that right away! They are funny, they love to laugh, and they are kind and considerate on the inside. Not to mention that they are such a HOT couple on the outside! After their engagement session, they welcomed us into their beautiful downtown condo. As we sat in front of their 10th floor balcony, watching the barges slowly drift down the Mississippi River and sipping on champagne, we chatted like we had all been old friends forever. Cool droplets formed on the outside of our glasses while time moved slowly and almost seemed to stand still. We talked about travel and life in Memphis. And we talked about love. These two have it in spades, and that may just be our favorite thing about them!

I know, I know. 2015 was an entire MONTH ago! And I'm just now getting around to doing our big engagement session wrap-up post of the year. What can I say? I'm starting this year a bit overdue. But we've been working really hard behind the scenes to make 2016 the best year yet! January always comes with some major re-organization and a flurry of new ideas and inspiration. But with that said, I will kind of miss 2015. We had the honor of working with some of the best (and most beautiful!) brides. Luckily for us, many of these couples won't get married until later this year, so we get to see them again!

He is her sister's husband's best friend, and though they had known each other for awhile, it didn't long for them to know it was right once they finally started dating. They do, however differ on their opinion of their first date. She watches him with adoring eyes as he tells their first date story, while shyly looking down and shaking her head with a smile. If you ask Wendy, she will tell you it was at Baskin Robbins, over ice cream and good conversation. But David argues that it's not a real date unless you get dressed up and go to a nice place. And that's the thing about David. He knows how to treat a lady, and he loves to spoil Wendy!

These two lovebirds actually got married this past Saturday! It was a beautiful, perfect day, and we can't wait to share those images. But in the meantime, we're going to share the images from their midtown Memphis fall engagement session! We managed to fit in a little time for Kate and Sean's engagement photos only a couple weeks before the wedding, on a beautiful autumn day. I absolutely love the trees in the fall! Keep reading to see the beautiful yellows and reds we captured, along with this cute couple!

When I first met Danielle a few months ago, she showed up for our meeting in the cutest summer dress and a big, floppy hat. I knew right then that I loved her! She was initially wanting just an engagement session, but the more I talked to her and Will, the more I knew that we had to shoot their wedding too! I quickly learned that not only were they the cutest couple ever, but, like us, they love to laugh and have fun! Lucky for us, they agreed, and we can't wait to shoot their wedding next year in Arkansas. In the meantime, we had a great time together at their engagement session! Keep reading to see this fun Beale Street engagement and the photos with their precious puppy!

When Olivia and I were planning her engagement session, she went back and forth on outfit options. I usually recommend one dressy outfit and one casual outfit for our AHP couples, to give them some diversity in their images. But when Olivia said, "we love dressing up and we're just not casual people," I knew dressy was the way to go for both outfits! Above all, we want our images to represent our couples, so letting them be them was a priority!

It's been quite a long time since we first met with Erica, so we were so excited to get to see her again, and meet Logan, for their engagement shoot! Erica is the sweetest thing, and we loved her right away! When she told me she would be wearing a long, RED dress for her engagement photos, I jumped up and down with delight. No, really. I did! Just wait until you see how their photos turned out!