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Cedar Hill Farm Fall Maternity Session | Lori + Kenny

Today is a special occasion on the blog! As parents of four beautiful tyrants children, we are always so happy to hear when our couples are expecting! We know what a blessing children are, and these two are going to make wonderful parents. Lori and Kenny were ready to become parents soon after their summer backyard wedding, and we were so happy to be able to document this milestone for them! We returned to Cedar Hill Farm exactly one year after taking Lori and Kenny’s engagement photos, and we had so much fun with this pumpkin-inspired fall maternity session! Read on to see their excitement and creativity!

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Christmas Home Tour 2015 | Stress-Free Decorating

I am not handling stress well this year. We don’t have time for anything these days, much less decorating the house for Christmas. Even though I didn’t think it would happen, the house got decorated anyway! And it was probably the quickest, most stress-free holiday decorating we’ve ever done. Come on in for our Christmas home tour, and I’ll let you know how I managed to do it!

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Kem + David: a Memphis Family Lifestyle Session

A wedding is about more than just the joining of two people. It’s the moment when a new family is made, the coming together of two families who were separate before that day. It’s the fork in the road where two paths come together and continue on as one road. It’s about love. Romantic love between the bride and the groom. Love of friends who are not joined by blood, but by their joy and support of a union. And perhaps greatest of all, the love of a family that just doubled in size.

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Clients for Life: Zooey Turns One

clients for life: zooey turns one

One thing we always tell our clients is that they are clients for life! That means that we want to be there for all the important moments in their lives. Babies. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Whatevers. We don’t want our connection and friendship with them to stop once they’re married. So while we don’t usually do family, maternity, or baby shoots, we will make an exception for our wedding clients!

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melody + alan: a corinth, mississippi lifestyle shoot.

Melody and Alan are our good friends who we don’t often get to see because 1.) They live far away in Mississippi, and 2.) They’re in love and spend all their free time with each other (which is a good thing!). So when Melody asked about doing a special photo shoot, I was all too happy to go to Corinth to do it (and get to spend some time with her)!

Early in their relationship, Melody and Alan shared an awesome date. It wasn’t anything in particular, it just felt different. They went to dinner, then walked along the dimly-lit streets hand in hand. When Alan walked Melody to the door of her then-apartment, he suddenly dipped her and kissed her. As they giggled, they knew they were in love.

They are almost done completely gutting and remodeling their new house, and Melody wanted some photos of them to hang on the brand new walls. So they decide to re-create their special date for the photo shoot. But first, they gave Ed and I a tour of their almost-finished house.

Melody has the bestest smile:

Corinth Lifestyle Shoot

Corinth Lifestyle Shoot

I couldn’t resist getting a few shots in the sun streaming through their front yard (that will hopefully have grass again soon!).

Corinth Lifestyle Shoot

After a quick change into the outfits they wore on that infamous date, we headed downtown. Melody used to live in an apartment above this jewelry store.

Corinth Lifestyle Shoot

They are so adorable together, and had no problem making out for the camera!

Corinth Lifestyle Shoot

Corinth Lifestyle Shoot

The light was gorgeous right at sunset, but not as gorgeous as Melody.

Corinth Lifestyle Shoot

Ed grabbed these shots while they weren’t looking…

Corinth Lifestyle Shoot

Melody, you are stunning, and I know Alan agrees.

Corinth Lifestyle Shoot

They are just so happy when they’re around each other. They can’t be serious for long!

Corinth Lifestyle Shoot

I’ll end with this shot of the unforgettable dip. It’s not cheesy when it makes you feel like this.

Corinth Lifestyle Shoot

Melody and Alan, thank you so much for an awesome night in your small town! It was great getting to see you, and the pizza was AMAZING!! You both are so cute, and I was honored to be able to capture your most important memories!

Here’s to the best dates. Dates so good you have to do them twice. Cheers!

andria: ivoh.

One of my favorite parts of my job is meeting other wonderful people in the industry. Andria, of Andria Lewis Events, is one such person. She is a true wedding planner extraordinaire, and works hard to make the day run smoothly. One thing that we share, and probably my favorite thing about her, is that she is passionate about the couples she works with. She forges a relationship that goes beyond professional, and she wants their day to be perfect, not because they are paying her to, but because she truly cares.

Andria turns 40 soon, and is planning a proper party filled with her own personal style. We arranged a photo shoot that would help her celebrate not only her birthday, but where she is in life. She has made some difficult decisions in order to get where she is, and she is proud of what she has worked so hard to achieve. To her, 40 isn’t a number. It’s a milestone. And she intends to celebrate it with the respect it deserves.

Naturally, Andria payed close attention to details, especially her accessories, which I adored. Special thanks to Tasha Anders, who did a wonderful job with her makeup.

When Andria showed up to the shoot with a bottle of champagne, it only confirmed that we are soul mates. Intended to relax her, she said she brought it because she hates to have her photo taken, but I still don’t believe her.

Andria wears heels better than anyone I know. Ed’s photo on the right.

Andria is especially proud of her legs, and I don’t blame her! I’d trade with her in an instant.

She has the best nose-crinkling laugh. I’d like to think I said something especially funny here, but it was probably the champagne starting to do its job.

She had the help of a stylist, Opulent Couturier, help her choose her outfits, and I loved the hat!

We just had to get silly for a few.

Love these!

At this point, we were having so much fun, that the seriousness didn’t last long.

Happy birthday, Andria. I can’t wait to celebrate your success, your beauty, and your style with you this weekend! Keep being proud of what you’ve accomplished and celebrate all that you are. Happy IV-oh! Cheers!