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The One | Ed’s Best Shot From Amy and Sam’s Wedding


Amy and Sam had such a beautiful day that we have SO many favorites! We couldn’t possibly choose just one. But I love our “the one” series, because it’s a chance for me to give credit where credit is due. I have such a great second shooter, and I love looking through his images! When I saw this one, my heart stopped. It was captured during the First Look, so it was completely unposed and authentic. I love it when just one photo tells a whole story, and this one does.

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Lori + Kenny | The One

I always tell my grooms that Ed has their backs. I’ll admit it. As a girl, I sometimes tend to get carried away with the bride. I mean, 90% of the wedding day is all about the bride, right? But one of the reasons I have Ed on my team is to remind me that the groom is in fact 50% of the day. You can’t have a wedding without the groom!

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Cheryl and Omar's Heartwood Hall Wedding

the one: cheryl + omar

Cheryl’s and Omar’s wedding was simply spectacular.  The weather was great, Heartwood Hall was beautiful as always, and the bride and groom were absolutely gorgeous!  So how could a day like that get any better?  With sunset and a lake!

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the one: kathleen + joey

{by Ed}


Hello again blog reader(s)!

Welcome to another installment of “the one” series.  If you’re new to the blog, or just don’t remember why we highlight photos this way, read this post to get up to speed.

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the one: morgan + mike.

{by Ed}


Some of the most important photos to capture at a wedding are photos of emotion and interaction.  My focus, as a second shooter, is to have a watchful eye for moments like that, and to capture it in a way that leaves no doubt the emotion that’s being felt.

Morgan and Mike had many moments like this throughout the day, but this moment between Morgan and her dad shows just how happy and proud Morgan’s dad is of her.  This was right after Morgan and Mike were made husband and wife, and the bridal party and family had been hidden away in order for the guests to move on to the cocktail party.

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the one: ebony + travis

{by Ed}


Whiskey and cigars.  A common theme throughout the days of celebration for this wonderful couple.  It was all about the connoisseur in each of their guests.  Tasting and smelling the abundance of flavors and absolutely enjoying every minute of it!

I believe every photographer gets a little extra excited when they find out that cigars will be smoked at some point at the reception.  It’s a chance to get creative and use the smoke and lights to capture something unique.  This was our chance to let the creative juices flow, but somehow, in the whirlwind of all the dancing, the celebrating, and the fun, we didn’t take the time to setup the shot we envisioned.

That’s what Amy remembered.  That’s what I also reminded myself of when the DJ announced it was time for the couple the leave.  But you know, it was all ok.  Because the photos we love to take, the moments we love to capture, that emotion we love to freeze in time, made it’s appearance in a picture we never could have setup to be any more perfect than this:


Cigar at Destin Wedding

Here’s to enjoying the taste and flavor of life and the things you love, and to letting all it happen naturally, as it should.




the one: cheryl + omar.

{by Ed}


People fall in love with photos for all kinds of different reasons:

  • light
  • mood
  • feeling
  • subject matter
  • background
  • location
  • technique

The list can go on and on.  The photos I take typically take aim for emotion, feeling, candidness (if that’s a word), and the subject just being natural. Amy picked this photo because of the perspective.  We shoot shallow, which means the background is “fuzzy”, but the reason we do this is to highlight the focal point of what we want the viewer to see.  I’m focused on Cheryl’s engagement ring, but what’s happening in the background is a moment between them.  Contentment. Happiness. Love. And a little bit of privacy for them to just be them.


Shelby Farms Engagement


Here’s to falling in love with photos no matter what the reason, and to taking the time to just be…


the one: amanda + kevin

{by Ed}


Amy wrote a wonderful post about Amanda’s and Kevin’s wedding and how their day was so perfect and special, and there’s not much more I can add to it.  It was a perfect reflection of who they are and who they will continue to be and I couldn’t be happier for them.  It was such a great day that I captured two “the one” photos of this awesome couple and their family!

You can see from the photos below that family is so important to them, and when you see this kind of happiness, you know it’s meant to last.



Amanda and Kevin, thank you again for sharing not only your day with us, but your family and friends as well!

Here’s to family and to that infectious laughter and happiness that brings everyone closer together!