Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to be invited to take part in Memphis' first Big Fake Wedding event. If you're unfamiliar with this event, the Big Fake Wedding is a collaboration of so many talented wedding industry vendors who come together to create an unforgettable real vow renewal for one lucky couple. There was so much pretty I didn't know where to start! And the topper on the not-so-proverbial wedding cake? Holly and Richard, our real couple for the day, are the sweetest people ever! We could not have asked for more. They are both stunning, but more than that, they truly have serving hearts, and their love for each other and everyone else just radiates from them! It may be called the Big Fake Wedding, but it certainly was a Real one to us!

One of the first things I tell couples when we meet with them is that Ed and I are a goofy couple, and we love to laugh. So, chances are, if you are the kind of couple that would rather watch a comedy over a drama, have no problem acting silly in public, and/or are not embarrassed by big belly laughs, then we would get along great! Mary and Stuart are exactly our kind of people! We spent all day with huge, dopey grins on our faces and the laughter came so easily and never stopped. Their wedding day was a giant reflection of the kind of people they are - bright, loving, and full of joy!

It's no secret that we love elopements! They're short, sweet, and all about the marriage. It might be your first inclination to think that going through security, then waiting in line, only to sit in a quiet courtroom, might detract from the romance of a wedding day, but you'd be mistaken! All those things only add to the excitement and anticipation. A wedding at the courthouse is just like a wedding anywhere else. There's a real bride, a real groom, a real (and ultra legal!) officiant, and after the real vows, there's a real marriage. Michelle and Terrence decided to simplify their day and focus on their marriage. They had a beautiful wedding day, with all the things that they wanted, but without the things they didn't.

I think it's safe to say that until this day, we had never met a groom that was this excited to marry his bride! He beamed. He laughed. And yes, he cried. He cried big, unabashed, joyful tears that he was not ashamed to have streaming down his face. When he first turned around and got his first glimpse of her, he broke down, sobbed into her shoulder, and then looked at her and said, "you are just as beautiful as I knew you would be." She stroked his face and hugged him hard. Together, they held each other and promised to love each other forever, before the vows were even said. They set the tone for their colorful day - a day full of love, promises, faith, and beauty. Insane beauty! Wendy made the loveliest bride, and David's devotion to her was just as delightful to witness. What a way to start our 2016 wedding season!

It's a big day on the blog today! We're sharing all our favorite 2015 wedding images! Be warned, though, this is a looooong post! There are nearly 100 photos that we've chosen as best of the best. Read on to see a whole year of images all wrapped up nice and pretty!

Oh, how we love elopements! We're not exactly sure how elopements came to have the stigma that they sometimes carry. We know how they are sometimes pictured as two rebels running off together despite family disapproval. But perhaps that's what makes them exactly what we think they are.... romantic. Detra and Fred have very loving, approving friends and families. No running away together here! They simply wanted to focus on their love, without all the planning and preparation that weddings require. They wanted to be married NOW. So they did. And now that their families have been informed (and surprised!), we can finally share the photos of their beautiful day!

We are so excited to share our final wedding of 2015 with you today! We had such a great year, and this winter Opera Memphis wedding did not disappoint. Katy and Eric said their vows only six days before Christmas, so their whole day was filled with cheery reds and glittery golds, perfect for the holiday season! It was an unseasonably warm, bright, day, which made our job as photographers super easy. Read on to see all the beautiful holiday touches, as well as a very touching father-daughter dance!

I'm so excited to share this winter Pink Palace wedding today! I absolutely adore holiday weddings, and Kate and Sean's entire day was so beautiful, from beginning to end. The weather was amazing and unseasonably warm. The colors were perfect - gold with a splash of red and pink. They were the perfect holiday colors without being too Christmas. And the flowers... oh, these flowers! I probably posted way too many photos of the flowers, but they were too gorgeous not to! Keep reading to see all the beautiful goodness, and you won't want to miss the groom's peanut butter and jelly cake!

The blog is looking amazing today! Olivia and Mike's winter University Club wedding was stunning, and I can't wait to share it with you! Olivia looked amazing in her beaded ballgown, and just wait until you see Mike's reaction when he saw her! My favorite thing about these two is that they love with not only their hearts, but their souls. Olivia and Mike have been carefully planning for marriage. Not their wedding (though they did that too!), but marriage. They are the real deal, and I know that they will be forever happy! Read on to see their beautiful, sophisticated wedding day!

We had been waiting for this day for such a long time! When we first spoke to Alicia and Nick, we were unavailable for their wedding day. They worked with us and changed their wedding date so that we could be there to photograph them on the most important day of their lives. That means so much to us, and words cannot expressed how blessed we are to know these two! It has been nearly an entire year since their Christmas-themed engagement session, so we were so excited to get our cameras on them again!