July will always be special to them. They met in July, began dating in July, and now, 5 years later, they will wed in July.

She had no idea it was a set up, though he did. Jared was living in Nashville when some of his Memphis friends told him they were having a party on the 4th of July. It’s a party… there’s this girl… you should come. So he did. He was introduced to Jennifer, and knew right away that the 3.5 hour drive was worth it. Jennifer spent the evening talking with Jared, and at the end of the night, she could tell that he wanted to ask for her number. Or ask her out. Or ask her sign. At that point, it didn’t matter. The answer was yes. Hinting, she casually mentioned that she was really hungry. He took her to IHOP, and thus their first date was born.

Ed and I met Jennifer and Jared in downtown Memphis, on the coldest day of the year, for their engagement session, just 3 days before Valentine’s Day. They rocked the cold temperatures, though, and now they have something they will never forget. Hey, you remember that time we froze our butts off for our engagement photos…?

Jennifer, your beauty (inside and out!) blows me away. Oh, and Jared likes it too.

The first thing Jennifer and Jared told me was that they were not photogenic. Uh huh. Yeah, right.

Jennifer was even brave enough to take her coat off for a few shots. Briefly!


Main Street is so much fun for photos – I never get tired of shooting there, and trying something different each time!

Pssst. Look over to the far right. There are hearts hanging in that tree! How perfect is that for an engagement shoot?

Jared is a photography enthusiast. He knows his stuff. So when he asked if he could have a few photos with his hat on, he knew why I cringed. No photographer wants shadows on the eyes! But this is who he is, and we wanted to capture it, so we pulled out the trusty reflector and made it work.

After a short stop in an ice-cream parlor to warm up (oh, the irony!), we went back out to catch the last of the light.

Ed grabbed a shot of the lone sax serenader. His view…

My view.

Jennifer and Jared, thank you so much for coming out on such a cold day! We had a great time getting to know you, and you can’t even tell that you were freezing 😉 It was totally worth it!

To see more images from Jennifer and Jared’s engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow. Here’s to rocking the cold. And warm ice cream parlors. And reflectors. Cheers!

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  1. Beautiful work! Love her coat!

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