Meet Us

We are intimately familiar with marriage.

Not just weddings, but marriage. We’ve been married a long time, so we know a thing or two about a lifelong relationship. Marriage means sharing your heart, your soul, your talents, your passions, your everything, with another person. A wedding is more than a celebration of love. It’s the point in a journey where two lives become one. Documenting this oh-so-very-special milestone is not only crucial, it’s an honor. We are so lucky to be able to do what we love every day! With the person we love.

What We Do

Sometimes I’m weak where he’s strong, and sometimes he’s weak where I’m strong. We may not be exactly alike. In fact, we’re quite the opposite. But one thing is certain: we do everything better together. We work hard to create images that you will love forever, but more importantly, we do everything we can to make you comfortable and enjoy the process!

It all starts the moment we meet.

We love to invest the time to get to know you, your personalities, your styles, and the way you love. We cannot tell your story if we don’t know it! Our goal is that documenting your love will be an adventure, a break from the stresses of planning a wedding, a reminder of why you are getting married in the first place. By the time the wedding rolls around, we’ll already be friends! Your love story is yours and no one else’s, and we want your photographs to be just as individual as you are.

Who We Are

  • We got hitched in 1996.
  • We have 4 kids, so we’ve been taking pictures a long time!
  • We are always looking forward to Happy Hour (Amy prefers a vodka tonic, while Ed’s drink of choice is a Jack and Coke).
  • We have an ever-evolving but very real plan to move closer to the ocean.
  • We are true Southerners to the core.
  • We believe that everything in life is significantly better by sharing it with family and friends.
  • Our passion is travel of almost any kind, and always with a camera.
  • Reading is always a point of contention in our marriage (Amy reads constantly while Ed prefers magazines. We compromise with audio books).
  • We’d rather be outside. All the time.
  • We love a night of fine dining alone, but are just as happy with a casual game night at home with friends.

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