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Elegant Blue and Pink Memphis Wedding

We are beyond excited to share this elegant blue and pink Memphis wedding with you today! April is one of our busiest months of this year, and we were thrilled to start it off with Emily and Josh! One of our most favorite things is when we get to photograph a family a second time. A few years ago, we shot sweet Ellen and Bobby’s wedding, so when it came time for Ellen’s little sister to get married, we were so glad they called us!

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Downtown Memphis Winter Elopement

When I first spoke with Myesha on the phone, she asked me if I had ever seen Sex and the City. Right then I knew that we could be bffs! As we talked about our love of Carrie Bradshaw, New York city, and Mr. Big, we fell into an easy rhythm that usually comes with years of friendship. And yet I had never met her! I’m always blown away by how lucky we are to meet so many amazing people while doing what we do. Especially when there’s a pair of Manolos involved!

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Classic, Neutral Cadre Wedding

He bounced on the balls of his feet while he waited to see her. His eyes sparkled with excitement and, already knowing the answer, I asked if he was ready for his wedding day. “SO ready!” he replied with a huge grin. We could feel the anticipation pouring off him in waves. He didn’t have any of the usual groom nerves, and cold feet were certainly not in the equation. This man was simply ready to be married to the love of his life! George loves Taylor with a fierceness we rarely see. It was obvious to everyone who shared the day with them that Taylor makes George insanely happy, and she would do anything to make him happy.

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Colorful Arkansas Plantation Wedding

I think it’s safe to say that until this day, we had never met a groom that was this excited to marry his bride! He beamed. He laughed. And yes, he cried. He cried big, unabashed, joyful tears that he was not ashamed to have streaming down his face. When he first turned around and got his first glimpse of her, he broke down, sobbed into her shoulder, and then looked at her and said, “you are just as beautiful as I knew you would be.” She stroked his face and hugged him hard. Together, they held each other and promised to love each other forever, before the vows were even said. They set the tone for their colorful day – a day full of love, promises, faith, and beauty. Insane beauty! Wendy made the loveliest bride, and David’s devotion to her was just as delightful to witness. What a way to start our 2016 wedding season!

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Amy + Sam | a Summer Pink Palace Wedding

On most days, when Amy walks into a room, there’s a noticeable shift in the brightness. Her smile lights up the darkest places, and people naturally gravitate toward her. She is a stunning beauty, but she doesn’t know it, and that’s the best kind. But more than that, Amy is nothing but heart.

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Opera Memphis Wedding

Temi + Michael: Joined | an Opera Memphis Wedding

By the time their wedding day came, Temi and Michael had really already been married for nearly two months. They had a traditional Nigerian wedding… in Nigeria. So they may have been legally married, but Temi had to return to her home in the states, and Michael remained behind to tie up loose ends in Nigeria. So, while they were technically married, they still didn’t have much time together, nor were they even in the same time zone!

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kellie + kevin: a memphis wedding.

Kevin loves Kellie. A lot. You can tell by the way he looks at her, by the gentle way he holds her, by the way his face lights up when he’s near her. But even if it wasn’t such an obvious kind of love, you would still know how much he loves her. You would know, because he moved halfway across the world to be with her.

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morgan + antrell: joined. a tunica river park wedding.

Morgan and Antrell were married on one of the loveliest autumn days! It was one of those days that were a refreshing change to the summer’s previous hot weather. They exchanged vows on the banks of the Mississippi River, overlooking the water, with their closest friends and families in attendance. The ceremony was a perfect reflection of their love – full of laughter and tears of joy!

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katie + steven: joined. a memphis lichterman nature center wedding.

Katie and Steven know what’s important, and the rest they don’t worry about. They know they love each other above all else. They know who their closest friends are, and who they want to surround them in their lives. And they know the support of true family, whether by blood or by deed.

Their wedding day was a true reflection of this philosophy. They had spent their time planning. They put the most effort into the things that mattered most. The only thing that really mattered at the end of the day was that they were married. And maybe it was because of this attitude that the day ran so smoothly. Not one thing was overlooked. Even with a quick trip to fetch the lanterns that they had forgotten to bring to the venue, everything stayed right on schedule, with time to spare. It was a low-key, easy, beautiful day. Just like they wanted. Just like them. And at the end of it, they were married.

Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (24)

Katie and Steven had their outdoor ceremony and reception at the Memphis Lichterman Nature Center, and it was the perfect wedding location for this beautiful, sunny fall day.

Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (23)


Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (22)

The leaves on the trees were the perfect shades of red and yellow. My favorite for photos!

Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (21)

I love that both Katie and Steven have red hair! Valarie Powell did an awesome job making Katie into the perfect bride.

Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (20)


Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (19)


Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (18)

I adored Steven’s tie!

Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (17)

Katie and Steven chose to see each other before the ceremony, and their First Look was filled with tender moments and excited laughter. Ed’s shot below is my favorite:

Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (16)


Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (15)

Because they saw each other before the ceremony, we had plenty of time (and light!) to roam the beautiful trails and gardens for creative wedding portraits.

Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (14)

Katie, you are beyond stunning.

Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (13)

Katie’s maid of honor came from Japan for the wedding, and she brought Katie this special Buddha for good luck. The locket is a special family heirloom.

Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (12)

One of my favorites! The branches above this spot on the trail made the perfect arbor, and the sun lit Katie and Steven beautifully.

Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (11)


Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (10)

Nothing better than a leisurely stroll on your wedding day when you have a beautiful location on a perfect day!

Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (9)

The wedding party was amazing, and one of the most helpful group I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! Katie and Steven know how to choose their friends.

Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (8)


Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (7)

Katie was escorted down the isle by her two uncles.

Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (6)


Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (5)

Right after the ceremony, we rushed to the beautiful red bridge over the pond for a few shots of Katie’s and Steven’s first married moments during sunset.

Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (4)


Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (3)

The reception was decorated beautifully in their easy-going, naturalistic styles.

Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (2)

I’ll end with this shot of their First Dance. A perfect way to start a new life!

Memphis Lichterman Nature Center Wedding (1)

Katie and Steven, thank you. Thank you for being so awesome. For being you. We are honored to have shared in your magical day, and we know that there are not two people more suited for each other than you! I can’t wait to hear all about the cruise to Mexico!

To see more photos from Katie’s and Steven’s beautiful fall wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow. Here’s to red heads. And knowing what’s important. And the perfect autumn day. Cheers!


christina + cory: sneak peek.

Christina and Cory were married this weekend in a lovely, emotional, romantic ceremony in the woods. I can’t wait to share more from their gorgeous day! Enjoy the mountains, you guys!

Memphis Savannah Woods Wedding Sneak Peek

Happy Monday! Cheers!