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Classic West Memphis, Arkansas Wedding with Memphis Cadre Reception

Happy. Happy is the word that best describes Diana Clair and Brian’s amazing wedding day! When they walked down the isle of their family church in West Memphis, Arkansas as the newly minted Mr. and Mrs., a full gospel choir enthusiastically sang “Oh Happy Day.” Diana Clair even had the phrase inscribed on some of her wedding details. Both of them smiled throughout the entire day, their happiness so obviously written across their faces. And it was contagious – they naturally make everyone around them happy! Most of all, it is easy to see how happy they make each other. We are so excited to share this wedding today, and all the JOY that went with it!

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Classic, Neutral Cadre Wedding

He bounced on the balls of his feet while he waited to see her. His eyes sparkled with excitement and, already knowing the answer, I asked if he was ready for his wedding day. “SO ready!” he replied with a huge grin. We could feel the anticipation pouring off him in waves. He didn’t have any of the usual groom nerves, and cold feet were certainly not in the equation. This man was simply ready to be married to the love of his life! George loves Taylor with a fierceness we rarely see. It was obvious to everyone who shared the day with them that Taylor makes George insanely happy, and she would do anything to make him happy.

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Downtown Memphis Cadre Wedding

LaShunda + Lauchland: a Downtown Memphis Cadre Wedding

LaShunda and Lauchland met in New Orleans, so it is a big part of their love story. They wanted a classy affair with a taste of that New Orleans flair, and that’s exactly what they got! Their whole day was completely suited for them. It was the perfect mix of Memphis and Mardi Gras, combining fleurs de lis and Southern hospitality. Their First Look and ceremony were full of tears and emotion, then they partied with handkerchiefs and second line band music. There was no better way for them to celebrate!

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rupal + kush: a memphis indian wedding sangeet

A couple weeks ago, I was contacted by a photographer in New York City. Tara Sharma was shooting an Indian wedding here in Memphis, and she was looking for someone to second shoot and to help her with locations, since she was not from the area. I jumped at the chance, especially since I have an Indian wedding of my own coming up this month, and wanted to experience some of the culture beforehand. I was unavailable for the wedding day, but I readily agreed to help her out with the sangeet the night before.

Since I’m almost always the main photographer, it was a fun challenge to work as second for a change. Tara was so fantastic and easy to work with, and a joy to be around. She put everyone (including me!) at ease, and she is a fantastic photographer! See her full post of the day’s festivities here.

Ed and I met Tara and the bride and groom at the Cadre Building, just in time for their First Look. Rupal and Kush had been apart all day, and this was the first time that day that they got to see each other.

We then took a little time for portrait photos downtown. Ed’s photo on the left.

They both wore traditional Indian ceremony outfits, and they looked amazing!

Rupal and Kush were so relaxed in front of the camera.

Rupal was an absolutely stunning bride, and I loved all the little details in her outfit and jewelry.

She has the cutest laugh ever!

Kush made a pretty handsome groom as well!

They are obviously so perfect for each other.

Ed captured this beauty.

You know a couple will last forever if they can make each other laugh.

The Indian sangeet is a celebration that takes place a day or two before the ceremony. The families and friends come together to sing, dance, and wish the bride and groom well. The Cadre was decorated to the nines for this special party.

I may have gone overboard on the detail photos, but everything was so bright and colorful! I couldn’t help myself.

The music and entertainment kept the party going all night.

I was told that Indians love to party, and Rupal’s and Kush’s families were no exception! I was absorbed by the energy and joy in this room. Everyone surrounded them and wanted to take part.

While I went up to the balcony for a different angle, Ed remained on the floor for a few close-up shots.

LOVE how they each are holding hands with their loved ones.

Tara, I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to shoot with you. We both had a blast, and we enjoyed getting to know you, as well as take part in Rupal’s and Kush’s sangeet. Thank you so much for having us! Be sure to read Tara’s account of the day.

Here’s to collaboration. And family celebrations. And chances to look at things differently. Cheers!