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Classic Tower Room Wedding

“All in.” That’s what I always remember when I think about Erica. It has been over a YEAR since we first met with her and her lovely mom. That first time we spoke, sipping coffee, we all just hit it off perfectly. The more we talked about her wedding plans, the more excited we all got! At the end of the meeting, Erica turned to her mom and said, “What do you think?” Her mom gazed back at her and said, “Let’s do it! I’m all in.” And I fell in love with them both.

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Elegant Golf Club Wedding

The first time we ever met Samantha and Slay, we knew we had to shoot their wedding. Yes, they are amazingly good looking. I mean, just scroll down a little. Did you see her??? It’s completely unfair that one person can have that many good genes! But that’s not the reason. Not even close. We always care way more about what’s on the inside than what’s on the outside. And their outsides have nothing on what’s inside! They both have amazing hearts that were built to serve others. They are some of the most caring, selfless¬†people we’ve ever met, and we love them for that!

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Erica + Logan | a Collierville Spring Creek Ranch Engagement

It’s been quite a long time since we first met with Erica, so we were so excited to get to see her again, and meet Logan, for their engagement shoot! Erica is the sweetest thing, and we loved her right away! When she told me she would be wearing a long, RED dress for her engagement photos, I jumped up and down with delight. No, really. I did! Just wait until you see how their photos turned out!

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kathleen + joey: joined. a memphis golf course wedding.

The day started with pouring rain. But the clouds and puddles didn’t dampen anyone’s spirit. Kathleen was a very calm bride, and she laughed all day long. She was overjoyed to marry Joey, and as long as they were married at the end of the day, then that’s all that mattered. Right before portrait photos were scheduled, the sun came out and the clouds parted. The rest of the day was clear ¬†and gorgeous, and I’m convinced it was just for them!

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morgan + mike: promised. an atlanta engagement.

Morgan and Mike were good friends in college. They had friends in common, and they routinely found themselves at the same parties, functions, and get-togethers. Then Mike moved to New York City. Morgan was never more than a phone call away, but Mike wanted to be much closer. One evening, Mike was tired of waiting, and told Morgan that her current boyfriend wasn’t the right man for her. He was. And just like that, Mike was upgraded to “more than a friend.”

When Mike decided the time was right to make their relationship permanent, he planned an elaborate proposal in the Big Apple. He lured Morgan to New York and took her for a walk in Manhattan. Because Hurricane Sandy had just torn through New York, the city was deserted, except for a lone homeless man on a nearby bench. There, in the quiet solitude, Mike got to his knee and asked Morgan to be his wife. Caught off guard, but thrilled, Morgan immediately said yes.

They made their way to one of their favorite local pubs, which was one of the few places open after the storms. There, Morgan was surprised yet again by her family, who had secretly made the journey to New York to congratulate the new couple. She was perhaps most shocked when she hugged her dad, who was none other than the homeless man lying on the bench just a few minutes before. Mike had given him a camera, and he had captured the whole proposal incognito!

Morgan and Mike will be having a destination wedding later this year in Memphis. We wanted to capture who they really are, so Ed and I were thrilled to travel down to their home in Atlanta for their engagement session.

Atlanta Engagement (1)

This duck pond is very special to Morgan, since her grandmother used to take her there as a child.

Atlanta Engagement (2)


Atlanta Engagement (3)


Atlanta Engagement (4)

Morgan, you are gorgeous!

Atlanta Engagement (5)


Atlanta Engagement (6)


Atlanta Engagement (7)


Atlanta Engagement (8)


Atlanta Engagement (9)

After a quick wardrobe change, we made our way to a nearby golf course, where the tall buildings of Buckhead were visible in the distance.

Atlanta Engagement (10)


Atlanta Engagement (11)


Atlanta Engagement (12)


Atlanta Engagement (13)

LOVE this one!

Atlanta Engagement (14)

The mimosas were blooming and made the perfect backdrop for sunset!

Atlanta Engagement (15)


Atlanta Engagement (16)


Atlanta Engagement (17)


Atlanta Engagement (18)


Atlanta Engagement (19)


Atlanta Engagement (20)

The cloudy day made for a gorgeous sunset-lit sky!

Atlanta Engagement (21)


Atlanta Engagement (22)

Morgan and Mike, thank you SO much for hanging out with us for an evening! We had so much fun getting to know you, and seeing parts of Atlanta that were new to us. You were awesome hosts! One day, we will all have to have dinner at Bistro Niko (it was fantastic)!

Here’s to knowing when the moment is right. And being upgraded. And a dad willing to do anything to get the shot! Cheers!

lisa + neal: joined. a memphis tpc southwind wedding.

They waited half a century for each other. Literally. Neither have ever been married before now. Both were waiting for their perfect match. Then one day, a church committee brought them together, and they knew the wait was over.

Six months after they began dating, Lisa was diagnosed with colon cancer. A lot of their time suddenly became consumed with doctors, hospitals, and various treatments. Neal stuck to Lisa’s side through it all. Two years later, Lisa is cancer free, and knows she could not have done it without Neal.

Lisa and Neal began their life together, finally, on a beautiful day at TPC Southwind. Though they both live in Illinois, they brought friends, family, and church officials all they way to Memphis to join hands, hearts, and lives together in marriage.


Lisa’s 5 sisters helped her prepare for her big day.

While Neal waited patiently to see the love of his life.

I so wanted to take this ring bearer home with me!

Most wedding ceremonies are very similar. But once in awhile, one stands out. This was one. It was one of the most emotional ceremonies I have had the pleasure of witnessing.

Neal could not contain his emotions as he walked to the altar.

But once he saw his bride, he was all smiles.

Ed captured this beautiful photo of Lisa gazing at Neal.

There were plenty of tears, but just as much laughter.

The blessing of the rings.

The moment everyone was waiting for – married!

We then stole outside for a few portraits of the new man and wife.

One of my favorites…. Lisa truly knows how to bring out the best in the otherwise quiet and shy Neal.

I have never seen a couple so happy to be married. Ed’s photo on the left.

Happy, happy, happy!

Lisa, you are beautiful. Inside and out.

Love Ed’s shot on the right, golf carts and all.

Andria Lewis and crew did an amazing job decorating for the reception. Lisa’s family baked an entire table full of delectable treats for guests to take home. Wedding cake and dessert? Yes, please!

Toasts are always my favorite. You can learn so much about a couple through what others say about them! Just like their ceremony, Lisa’s and Neal’s toasts were full of laughter….


And lots of love for family.

And at the end of the day, Lisa and Neal got to leave as husband and wife.

Lisa and Neal, thankyouthankyouthankyou! For being you. For loving like you do. And for giving us the honor of getting to know you. I don’t cry at many weddings. Yours was truly special.

Here’s to waiting. And then waiting some more. And beating cancer. Together. Cheers!