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Romantic Blush + Navy Capital Hotel Wedding

Danielle and Will planned their wedding so that they could be married only a few short weeks after suffering through the Bar Exam. We all joked that if they could endure that test of will together, then marriage would be a breeze! In all seriousness, though, these two have nothing to worry about. Their hearts are already so giving, and their arms already so open, that taking this next step is just the natural course of their adventure together.

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lauren + chris: joined. a memphis heartwood hall wedding.

Lauren is a true Southern girl. She has a smile that will light up a room, dimples that will charm her way into anything, and a laugh that is wild and free. She is a stunning beauty, and everyone’s best friend. She loves a good time, and always makes sure that everyone around her is enjoying themselves. It’s easy to see why Chris fell in love with her.

Chris is a true Southern gentleman. He knows his manners, and believes in the ladies first rule. He’s quiet, but always wears a smile. He’s the kind of guy that if he wore a hat, he would tip it at everyone he passed on the street. He is Lauren’s true love, and perfect counterpart. Together, they love freely and live a life of Southern hospitality. Their future will only continue to give them everything they deserve!

Lauren and Chris live in adorable Oxford, MS, but planned a getaway wedding at Heartwood Hall, here in Tennessee. Lauren and her mom poured over 30 years’ worth of Almanac weather to choose the perfect date. It must have worked, because while it poured the day before and the day after their wedding, their day had a beautiful, cloudless sky and lots of sun! They couldn’t have mail-ordered a more beautiful day. The whole day was just like them – a combination of rustic, vintage, chic, and Southern hospitality!

We are extremely honored to have this wedding published at Rustic Wedding Chic, so be sure to check out the feature there as well. Here are (quite) a few of my favorites!

Heartwood Hall Wedding (1)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (2)

You all know how I love a dressed-up cocktail!

Heartwood Hall Wedding (3)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (4)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (5)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (6)

Lauren, you made the most stunning bride!

Heartwood Hall Wedding (7)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (8)

I love this shot that Ed captured of Chris’ brother, Matt, helping him get dressed for the day!

Heartwood Hall Wedding (9)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (10)

Lauren and Chris chose to see each other before the ceremony, which gave us plenty of time on the vast plantation grounds for lots of photos. Their First Look was so sweet!

Heartwood Hall Wedding (11)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (12)

I could have shot Lauren all day. And I did!

Heartwood Hall Wedding (13)

Chris, you made quite the dapper groom yourself!

Heartwood Hall Wedding (14)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (15)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (16)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (17)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (18)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (19)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (20)

I have to give a special shout-out to Matt (Chris’ brother and best man) and Rachael, whose wedding I shot 2 years ago. It was so great to see them again! So, this is one of my favorite photos of the day.

Heartwood Hall Wedding (21)

Heartwood Hall was decorated beautifully for the occasion!

Heartwood Hall Wedding (22)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (23)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (24)

Ed captured these photos just moments before Lauren walked down the isle.

Heartwood Hall Wedding (25)

Here comes the bride!

Heartwood Hall Wedding (26)

Just like them, Lauren and Chris’ ceremony was full of lots of laughter, and sweet moments too.

Heartwood Hall Wedding (27)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (28)

We took a few more minutes after the ceremony to take photos in the beautifully setting sun. The reception was full of handmade details.

Heartwood Hall Wedding (29)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (30)

One of my favorite reception items was the hand-crafted scrapbook that they used as their guest register. Genius!

Heartwood Hall Wedding (31)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (32)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (33)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (34)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (35)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (36)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (37)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (38)

Mr. and Mrs.!

Heartwood Hall Wedding (39)

The First Dance…

Heartwood Hall Wedding (40)

The reception was a party that went all night long! The floor shook with all the dancing, and Lauren and Chris laughed all night with friends and family.

Heartwood Hall Wedding (41)


Heartwood Hall Wedding (42)

Lauren and Chris, thankyouthankyouthankyou! It was an honor not to capture one Durham wedding, but TWO! I meant it when I said I’m claiming myself as an honorary family member. You all made us truly feel like part of it!

Here’s to Southern hospitality. And my most favorite honorary family. And living happily ever after. Cheers!



savannah in january.

Savannah is good any time of year. But in January, when you’re sick of the cold, when you’ve forgotten what flowers look like, and when the December work load just kicked your butt, Savannah is the best place on the planet.

After Ed made me learn stuff in Atlanta, we wanted to make sure we had a couple days of R+R just for us. Savannah is our favorite city, and it’s only 3 and a half hours from Atlanta, so we popped over for the weekend.

savannah bed and breakfast

This was our room in our favorite Bed + Breakfast. When I saw the beams, the exposed brick, and the turquoise walls, I knew it was made for me!

savannah bed and breakfast savannah bed and breakfast

Our first stop is always Forsyth Park, just so that we can walk through the beauty and soak up all things Savannah. I almost forget each time just how beautiful the trees are.

savannah forsyth park fountain

There’s nothing like sunset in the Old South!

savannah georgia This post comes a few days late, because the wifi at our hotel never worked longer than 10 seconds. I think it was a blessing. Unplugged and unrestrained. That’s the best way to enjoy Savannah!

Here’s to unwinding. And cobblestone streets. And moss covered trees. Cheers!