We had been looking forward to this wedding for a long time! Ever since we photographed their surprise proposal in Memphis, we were so excited for the moment when these two would officially seal the deal. We knew they both had style, but even we were unprepared for the amount of awesomeness that filled this day. We traveled to a little town in Georgia, where we were thrilled to discover one of the most beautiful wedding venues ever! Tryphena's Garden is like a little Italian villa, Georgia style, filled with gorgeous plantings, hidden paths, and formal lawns. It is the perfect place for a wedding, and a photographer's dream!

I think it's safe to say that until this day, we had never met a groom that was this excited to marry his bride! He beamed. He laughed. And yes, he cried. He cried big, unabashed, joyful tears that he was not ashamed to have streaming down his face. When he first turned around and got his first glimpse of her, he broke down, sobbed into her shoulder, and then looked at her and said, "you are just as beautiful as I knew you would be." She stroked his face and hugged him hard. Together, they held each other and promised to love each other forever, before the vows were even said. They set the tone for their colorful day - a day full of love, promises, faith, and beauty. Insane beauty! Wendy made the loveliest bride, and David's devotion to her was just as delightful to witness. What a way to start our 2016 wedding season!

Throughout the whole day (and the evening before), Kiley held it together. It was a day full of emotion and pure joy, but she managed to keep all the tears from falling. Lofton, on the other hand, could do nothing to stop the tears of joy. From the toasts the night before at the rehearsal dinner, to the moment Kiley walked down the isle, Lofton had to keep the tears in check.

  There's always room for better. I am a very lucky girl, and I live a very lucky life. I can honestly say that each year of my life is better than the last. Each year brings more. More love. More joy. More chances to make wonderful...