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Brunch Wedding at Mollie Fontaine Lounge

Every wedding we photograph is special and important, but after nearly 8 years of shooting, this one was extra special to us. We were completely invested in this couple, because they are our best friends. Ed works with Jonathan, so we’ve known him forever, and we’ve been waiting patiently for him to find the perfect match. We’ve only ever wanted the very best for him. We’re so glad that when it finally happened, it was Jessica!

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Classic Tower Room Wedding

“All in.” That’s what I always remember when I think about Erica. It has been over a YEAR since we first met with her and her lovely mom. That first time we spoke, sipping coffee, we all just hit it off perfectly. The more we talked about her wedding plans, the more excited we all got! At the end of the meeting, Erica turned to her mom and said, “What do you think?” Her mom gazed back at her and said, “Let’s do it! I’m all in.” And I fell in love with them both.

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Michelle + Joe | a Spring Heartwood Hall Wedding

There are some couples that, every once in awhile, come along and make us realize how lucky we are to know them. That make us better. That care more about others than anything else. That, even on their own wedding day, on a day that’s supposed to be all about them, somehow make it about everyone else. Michelle and Joe are that kind of couple.

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helen is 16.

Today, my sweet Helen is 16. Birthdays are strange. I always know they’re coming, but as a mom, they always sneak up on me in a bittersweet kind of way. I don’t need much of an excuse for a party, and I love celebrating, but it’s hard when your kids get one year farther from being a kid.

For a girl, 16 is a big deal. It’s the year when you finally get to leave girlhood behind. Sniff. And Helen is growing into such a lovely young lady! She is quiet, yet sure of herself. Beautiful, yet strong. Shy, yet the bonds of friendship are fierce. Sometimes it’s hard to see into her little world to figure out exactly who she is, but it’s obvious that she knows. She has a quiet confidence, a style all her own, and she enjoys being different. I love that about her!

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addie + matt: joined. a memphis wedding.

The sun rose just for them. The skies were still black when Addie and Matt began preparing for their morning nuptials. Slowly, the rays of light started appearing on the horizon, and not a cloud graced the sky. The sun was almost completely awake as they saw each other for the first time against a backdrop of golden leaves. It heated the air and chased away the dew as they laughed and cried into each other’s arms.

Addie and Matt stood in front of each other, and in front of everyone who cares about them, and recited their vows from the heart, reading the words they had written to each other. For each other. They pledged their love and lives to each other and promised to love with passion, fairness, and strength. Joyful tears coursed down Addie’s cheeks and she couldn’t stop laughing. It was a day full of complete happiness.

As they left for their honeymoon, lavender rained down on them from the hands of their many friends and family as they shared one more kiss in the bright sun. An hour after their car drove away, the skies darkened, and real rain poured down, taking the sun with it. Now that the sun was done lighting the way for Addie and Matt’s wedding day, it had done its job. It was time for the rain. Time for the rain to strengthen the knot that they had just tied.

Memphis Wedding (26)

Addie and Matt began and ended their day where they met – at their church. Once the sun came up, it was a beautiful fall day. That line of light in the background of these photos that looks like a sunset? That’s a sunrise. I adored Addie’s purple Kate Spade shoes!

Memphis Wedding (25)

Her bridesmaids were singing Isn’t She Lovely in the background as Addie got dressed.

Memphis Wedding (24)

Matt wasn’t looking too shabby himself, as he eagerly waited to see his bride.

Memphis Wedding (23)

Addie and Matt chose to see each other before the ceremony, and it was one of my favorite First Looks ever! They hugged. They cried. They kissed. They laughed. They danced. It’s these little moments that make the First Look my favorite part of the wedding day!

Memphis Wedding (22)

You’ll notice in most of these photos that Matt isn’t looking at the camera. He couldn’t take his eyes off Addie! He just wanted to look at her. And who can blame him?

Memphis Wedding (21)


Memphis Wedding (20)


They were both truly filled with joy.

Memphis Wedding (19)

I lovelovelove this little tender moment.

Memphis Wedding (18)

Addie, Addie, Addie. My camera is so in love with you!

Memphis Wedding (17)

And Matt, you make such a handsome groom!

Memphis Wedding (16)

The flowers – and the ladies – were all so gorgeous!

Memphis Wedding (15)


Memphis Wedding (14)

The guys know how to work the camera too!

Memphis Wedding (13)

Matt was blessed with not one, but two, best men.

Memphis Wedding (12)


Memphis Wedding (11)

The ceremony was full of cuteness…

Memphis Wedding (10)


Memphis Wedding (9)

And tears.

Memphis Wedding (8)


Memphis Wedding (7)

Afterward, we ran back outside so that we could capture their first few married moments. This is one of my favorites!

Memphis Wedding (6)


Memphis Wedding (5)

Love. Sigh.

Memphis Wedding (4)

The reception looked amazing, thanks to Angela at Southern Event Planners for all the little vintage touches!

Memphis Wedding (3)


Memphis Wedding (2)

I’ll end with this photo of the obviously-thrilled Matt giving his wife one last kiss before leaving. He does it right, ya’ll!

Memphis Wedding (1)

Addie and Matt, I can’t tell you what an honor it was to share your wedding day! The love you have for each other is so special and fierce, and we are thrilled that we got to see you both start this new phase of your life together. I know you had a fantastic time in Atlanta! I can’t wait to hear about it!

To see more photos from Addie’s and Matt’s beautiful wedding day, CLICK HERE for a slideshow. Here’s to sunrise. And rain that knows exactly how long to hold off. And kisses done right. Cheers!



addie + matt: sneak peek

Addie and Matt had a gorgeous, romantic wedding this weekend, with lots of vintage details and tons of lace! Their early morning ceremony was perfect timing, as it started pouring an hour after they left for their honeymoon. I loved every second of the morning autumn light!

Memphis Vintage Wedding

I know you guys are enjoying your alone time in Atlanta, and if you get time to hop on over to Savannah, I completely recommend it!

Happy Monday! Cheers!