When Megan told me that they would like to incorporate bow fishing into their engagement, I got so excited! Not only because it was unique and something we've never done before, but because I was thinking about all the cool video clips we could get with it! Fusion video is all about bringing the photos to life and adding motion to the story, so I knew this would be the perfect way to accomplish that.

Megan and Anthony were the winners of our free engagement shoot, so we were so excited to finally meet them! We had already rescheduled the shoot once because of rain, and this day was threatening to rain, too, but we decided to go ahead and give it a chance. I'm so glad we did! The skies were cloudy, but it never did rain, and I just LOVE the way Megan's dress colors popped against the clouds toward the end of the shoot! It turned out perfectly!

There's one every year. One wedding where the weather is PERFECT. The sun is out, there's not a cloud in the sky, and the temperature is a few degrees warmer than chilly. Anne and Alex got lucky and picked that perfect day this year for their Memphis Brooks Museum wedding. We could not have mail ordered a more gorgeous day! But what truly made the day beautiful were the bride and groom themselves. Anne and Alex share such a special love, and we were honored to spend the day with them!

A wedding is about more than just the joining of two people. It's the moment when a new family is made, the coming together of two families who were separate before that day. It's the fork in the road where two paths come together and continue on as one road. It's about love. Romantic love between the bride and the groom. Love of friends who are not joined by blood, but by their joy and support of a union. And perhaps greatest of all, the love of a family that just doubled in size.

It always amazes me how much just a little bit of video adds to the storytelling of a wedding day! Ellen and Bobby had such a beautiful wedding. Everything was perfect, and they were so happy all day long! Still photos can capture a brief moment of time, and while they are always my favorite (and my priority), I do love watching those photos come to life and getting a glimpse of the action of the day!