He bounced on the balls of his feet while he waited to see her. His eyes sparkled with excitement and, already knowing the answer, I asked if he was ready for his wedding day. "SO ready!" he replied with a huge grin. We could feel the anticipation pouring off him in waves. He didn't have any of the usual groom nerves, and cold feet were certainly not in the equation. This man was simply ready to be married to the love of his life! George loves Taylor with a fierceness we rarely see. It was obvious to everyone who shared the day with them that Taylor makes George insanely happy, and she would do anything to make him happy.

Morgan and Mike started their relationship long distance, and they have done a lot of traveling since the beginning. So it was only natural that when it came time to tie the knot, they wanted a destination wedding. They both now live in Atlanta, and they wanted somewhere close enough that their friends and family could drive and celebrate a whole weekend with them. When they saw the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, they knew they found the perfect place!