There's always a point in the wedding day when I know for sure that a couple is meant to be together. It may be something special the officiant says during the ceremony, a telling story during toasts, or even a quiet giggle or look that the couple shares when they think they're alone. Laura and Chad's day was full of little moments like these, but the one that really stuck with me happened when Laura was opening her gift from Chad. She pulled out a gorgeous necklace that he had chosen for her, and with glistening eyes, said, "he knows my style even better than I do!" It was a little thing, perhaps, but that simple gift said, without words, how much he knows and understands her.

I love Fall weddings! The weather is cooler, the light is lower and warmer, the colors are vibrant, and nature is splendidly beautiful that time of year! There is no better time in the South for photographers! Deanna and Michael were married under a large tree next to a shimmering lake in early November. Their day could not have been more perfect... for them. They included a little bit of who they are in every part of their day. They chose an outdoor park ceremony at Shelby Farms because they love to be surrounded by nature.