Danielle and Will planned their wedding so that they could be married only a few short weeks after suffering through the Bar Exam. We all joked that if they could endure that test of will together, then marriage would be a breeze! In all seriousness, though, these two have nothing to worry about. Their hearts are already so giving, and their arms already so open, that taking this next step is just the natural course of their adventure together.

One thing we always tell our clients is that they are clients for life! That means that we want to be there for all the important moments in their lives. Babies. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Whatevers. We don't want our connection and friendship with them to stop once they're married. So while we don't usually do family, maternity, or baby shoots, we will make an exception for our wedding clients!

Throughout the whole day (and the evening before), Kiley held it together. It was a day full of emotion and pure joy, but she managed to keep all the tears from falling. Lofton, on the other hand, could do nothing to stop the tears of joy. From the toasts the night before at the rehearsal dinner, to the moment Kiley walked down the isle, Lofton had to keep the tears in check.