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A Tryphena’s Garden Georgia Wedding

We had been looking forward to this wedding for a long time! Ever since we photographed their surprise proposal in Memphis, we were so excited for the moment when these two would officially seal the deal. We knew they both had style, but even we were unprepared for the amount of awesomeness that filled this day. We traveled to a little town in Georgia, where we were thrilled to discover one of the most beautiful wedding venues ever! Tryphena’s Garden is like a little Italian villa, Georgia style, filled with gorgeous plantings, hidden paths, and formal lawns. It is the perfect place for a wedding, and a photographer’s dream!

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Classic, Neutral Cadre Wedding

He bounced on the balls of his feet while he waited to see her. His eyes sparkled with excitement and, already knowing the answer, I asked if he was ready for his wedding day. “SO ready!” he replied with a huge grin. We could feel the anticipation pouring off him in waves. He didn’t have any of the usual groom nerves, and cold feet were certainly not in the equation. This man was simply ready to be married to the love of his life! George loves Taylor with a fierceness we rarely see. It was obvious to everyone who shared the day with them that Taylor makes George insanely happy, and she would do anything to make him happy.

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kathleen + joey: joined. a memphis golf course wedding.

The day started with pouring rain. But the clouds and puddles didn’t dampen anyone’s spirit. Kathleen was a very calm bride, and she laughed all day long. She was overjoyed to marry Joey, and as long as they were married at the end of the day, then that’s all that mattered. Right before portrait photos were scheduled, the sun came out and the clouds parted. The rest of the day was clear  and gorgeous, and I’m convinced it was just for them!

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in the mix: my human light stand.

My husband is amazing. And after last weekend’s wedding, I truly know how lucky I am.

Weddings never go as planned, even when planned down to the minutest of details. So we’re used to going with the flow and rolling with the punches. Such was the case at our last wedding. The wedding party was announced rather suddenly at the reception, and I hadn’t had a chance to set up my off-camera light stand. The bride and groom went immediately into their first dance, and I was heartbroken. The first dance is a big deal to me, and one of my favorite parts of a reception. But I didn’t have the extra light that I needed. The couple was exposed correctly, thanks to my on-camera flash, but the background was dark and bland.

Ed must have seen the disappointment on my face, because my photos suddenly started getting better. I look over at him, and I see that he was sacrificing his own on-camera flash to act as my second off-camera flash. He had set it up to sync with my camera, and was acting as my human light stand.

I may or may not have cried just a little.

Not only is he a fabulous husband, but he is a wonderful second shooter, coming to the aid of the main shooter when she needed it the most. You can see him holding the flash in this photo of the mother-son dance:

So that I could get beautiful photos like this:

(ISO 400, 50mm 1.2 lens, f/2.0, 1/125 sec.)

And this:

(ISO 400, 50mm 1.2 lens, f/2.0, 1/125 sec.)

Thank you, honey. Thank you for being the perfect husband and the most wonderful second shooter. And for knowing when I need you. And for always being there when I do. Cheers!