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Downtown Memphis Winter Elopement

When I first spoke with Myesha on the phone, she asked me if I had ever seen Sex and the City. Right then I knew that we could be bffs! As we talked about our love of Carrie Bradshaw, New York city, and Mr. Big, we fell into an easy rhythm that usually comes with years of friendship. And yet I had never met her! I’m always blown away by how lucky we are to meet so many amazing people while doing what we do. Especially when there’s a pair of Manolos involved!

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Classic Memphis Winter Noah’s Wedding

Our 2017 wedding season has officially begun! We kicked off the year with an amazing couple. Sabrina and Gary are a classic duo, with style all in the right places (wait until you see her shoes!). My favorite thing about them is their romance. Gary can’t go 5 minutes without kissing her, and Sabrina has a shy smile that she saves for only him. I think you’ll notice as you scroll through these photos how easily they are themselves in front of the camera, and I love that!

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Lauren, Class of 2017 | Fall Ballet Senior Session

Oh friends, I am so excited to share this special Senior session with you today! We are so lucky to know some really talented dancers (other than our own, of course). A few of them in our company will be graduating this year, and we will be super sad to see Lauren go! We were honored when she asked us to do her Senior photos for her, and more than happy to document this special year for her and her family. We were especially excited that she wanted to incorporate some ballet photos! Be sure to scroll all the way down to watch the fun highlight film we put together for her (and to see her dance)!

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What To Wear For Your Engagement Session

What to Wear For Your Engagement Session

Spring is kicking into high gear here in the South, so we are doing lots of engagement sessions lately! We absolutely LOVE doing engagement sessions. It’s our time to really get to know our couples, and we love hearing all their love stories! It’s such an honor for us to be able to capture this time in their lives. Engagements fly by so fast and this special time gets overlooked by the whirlwind of wedding planning. It’s so great to take a day and really celebrate this time!

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Atrium at Overton Square Engagement Party

Memphis Atrium at Overton Square Engagement Party

I firmly believe that the couples that Ed and I get along with best are those that have similar values as our own. I think that’s true for a lot of relationships, actually. We easily build a rapport and intuitively know what is most important to them. This makes photographing their story and their important moments so much easier! Ed and I have been married long enough that we can tell you in an instant what is most important to us: family, friends, and living a good life to the fullest. We love to celebrate anything (we don’t need much of an excuse for a party!), and as long as our loved ones are near, we’re good.

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Downtown Memphis Bluffs Engagement

Erica + Danny | a Downtown Memphis Bluffs Engagement

When talking about their relationship, Danny often says of Erica, “It’s easy to find someone who likes the same things you do, but it’s hard to find someone who hates the same things!” Like most couples, Erica and Danny have a lot in common, but it’s their thinking outside of the box that really drew them together. We met Erica and Danny downtown on the Memphis bluffs for their engagement session because that’s where their story starts.

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8th grade formal.

She gets more gorgeous every day.

She is growing into an amazing woman. She dances 5 times a week, studies hard for straight A’s, gets involved in every school activity imaginable, and still makes time for friends and family. She makes good choices. She is my hero. I am so proud of her.

Jessie and her friends finished up the 8th grade with their first formal dance. I took photos before they left, and it was hard not tearing up behind the lens. My baby girl isn’t such a baby anymore. What a beauty she has become!

8th Grade Formal (1)


8th Grade Formal (2)


8th Grade Formal (3)


8th Grade Formal (4)


8th Grade Formal (5)


8th Grade Formal (6)


8th Grade Formal (7)


8th Grade Formal (8)


8th Grade Formal (9)


8th Grade Formal (10)


8th Grade Formal (11)


8th Grade Formal (12)


8th Grade Formal (13)


8th Grade Formal (14)


8th Grade Formal (15)


8th Grade Formal (16)


8th Grade Formal (17)


8th Grade Formal (18)


When we picked her up from the dance, we took her and her friends out to eat. There was a large group of other dance-goers at the restaurant as well, making lots of noise and having fun. When one of her friends suggested that maybe they should sit with that group instead, she quietly said (without thinking that I could hear),

“Whatever. I love my mom and dad. I’d rather sit with them any day.”


I am so blessed.

Here’s to growing up. Just a little bit at a time. And never fully letting go. Cheers!

my nutcracker princess.

Last night, Jessie had her annual strings Christmas concert. And she was amazing on the cello, as usual. But this post isn’t about that. This post is about her ballet debut. Her strings teacher knows she is a competitive dancer, and asked if she wanted to do some ballet while her class performed a selection from the Nutcracker.

This is a big deal for three reasons:

  • Although she has performed in numerous competitions, she has never done it in front of her peers. Or in front of this many people. On a stage. With a spotlight.
  • This was her first performance on pointe. This has been the first year that she’s been old enough for the strain the shoes put on a dancer’s feet and legs, and she’s had her shoes for only a few months.
  • She choreographed the whole thing herself.

Nutcracker Ballet Princess (5)

I took a few photos during the practice so that I could freely watch the whole live performance without being inhibited by a viewfinder.

Nutcracker Ballet Princess (4)

Disclaimer: I am no dance photographer. It’s hard to catch dancers in their best form! But she’s just so darn beautiful.

Nutcracker Ballet Princess (3)


Nutcracker Ballet Princess (2)

I love this one with her classmates watching from behind. What little girl doesn’t want to be a ballerina??

Nutcracker Ballet Princess (1)

This was the first time I’d seen my daughter dance on pointe. For real. I’ve seen her around the house, and I took these photos during the practice, but it was broken up with do-overs, giggles, and interruptions. When she came out on that stage (to gasps from the audience, by the way. This was a strings performance, so her dance was a surprise), I was in awe. I am still in awe. I am inspired and moved by her passion, talent, and the way she makes it look so effortless. And by her beauty. Her beauty as a dancer, as a daughter, and as a young woman.

I may or may not have cried.

Here’s to ballerinas. And passion. And pure beauty. Cheers!