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We are photographers. All the way. We are not, nor will we ever be, videographers! We leave that (with huge props) to the professionals we have the honor of working with on occasion. However, we do like to shake things up once in awhile, and get creative with small bits of video. We love to create a sort of highlight reel, set to music, that includes snippets of video mixed with still photos. We call these slideshows fusion video (we didn’t invent the name, but we love the way it implies the mixing of video and still photos!). 


Fusion is a great way to add a little movement and really bring the photos to life! This could be as simple as a laugh between a bride and groom, a dress waving in the breeze, or a bird flying through a clear blue sky. Just a little something to spice things up and set the scene.

Do you need fusion video on your wedding day? It could be the perfect compromise for you! Sometimes couples decide not to hire a full videographer for their wedding day. Fusion videos are a way for them to have little video clips of the most important moments of their day. A fusion video from a wedding day may only be 3 to 4 minutes long, which make them easy to watch and share with family and friends. Our clients love them!

Here are a few of our favorite fusion videos that we’ve done lately (Choose 1080p HD for best quality 😉 ):


And, we may be biased, but we LOVE the Sweet 16 birthday fusion video that we did for our daughter!

Our fusion videos include very little audio, and we don’t do long clips. Remember, we’re mostly busy capturing photos of your very important day! Video comes second for us. So, if you want full video of the whole ceremony, complete with the audio of your vows, fusion is not the way to go. You will want to hire a videographer for sure!

If you would like us to create a fusion video for your wedding day, be sure to contact us! We’ll be happy to walk you through the options.


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